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The Green press plastic bottle crushing device is simple to use both at home and at public venues The press is simple to use and doesn’t require electricity to work. It is made of high-quality materials, which makes it powerful enough to compress all kinds of plastic bottles

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25.05.2010· The eko-krusher™ is the first step in the recycling process. It's unique patented design allows you to compact steel and aluminium cans as well as plastic bo...

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09.06.2016· For milk jugs, plastic bottles, steel cans, cardboard and plastic wrap. For the hospitality industry, this opens up new possibilities for waste management and reducing bin/trash collections and...

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09.06.2017· Presa manuala pentru sticlele din plastic (PET)https://facebook/PresaSticlePET/


14.04.2012· How to use video of "Plastic Bottle Crusher" I have developed this product so that people can reduce the volume of there recycling products, this saves on logistics costs to recycling and waste management companies, it

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Plastic Bottle Crusher Machine. Working Principle. In this, as the motor rotates the motor is having a smaller pulley connected to its shaft, the smaller pulley through the v-belt is connected to secondary pulley (Larger pulley) on another shaft which rotates it. Another i.e. third pulley (Smaller pulley) is mounted on the same shaft next to the secondary pulley, and is connected to the fourth

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Heavy Duty Plastic Bottle Can Crusher for Recycling, Metal Can Crushers for Plastic Bottles and Cans for Recycling 500ml (Black) $32.98 $ 32. 98. FREE Shipping. Metal Can Crusher 12oz/16oz / Smasher, Crushes Soda Cans, Beer Cans and Water Bottles Heavy Duty Large Metal Wall Mounted Soda Beer Smasher Eco-Friendly Recycling Tool Delta Prime Savings Club . 4.6 out of 5 stars 2,970. $19.88

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The Universal Bottle Crusher is a human-operated and gravity assisted machine that we have created to promote recycling. As we have walked around our school halls, we have noticed that recycling bins are filled all the way to the top and overflowing. This machine will crush bottles/cans, which will prevent recycling bins from overflowing, because of decreased volume of each can. Add Tip Ask

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16oz Can Crushers Heavy-Duty Aluminum Can Compactor Wall-Mounted Smasher for Recycling Aluminum and Plastic Bottles, Soda, Beer Cans and Bottles (Red) 3.6 out of 5 stars 12. $16.99. Dial Industries Easy Pull Aluminum Can Crusher 4.6 out of 5 stars 2,113. $33.31. ANGOU Heavy Duty Plastic Bottle Crusher is Also Suitable for 16oz and 12oz cans and cans Using 16oz Metal can Crusher/Crusher Crusher

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Model 2250 Can Crusher Milk Bottle Crusher; Model 5000 One Gallon Jug Crusher; Model 5001 Steel Can Crusher; Model 6000 Safety Baler for Kitchen Benchtop; Model 8000 Safety Baler Plastic Drum ; Model 9000 Hospitality and Store safety Baler; About Us; Latest News; Contact Us; OUR STORY. About Us. Home; About Us; We are a small business that invents unique machines. In

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How to crush a plastic bottle. Plastic memory is very strong, so the plastic bottle will try to spring back to its original shape after crushing. If you tighten the cap on the bottle, after crushing, a vacuum is formed and the plastic will hold its crushed shape indefinitely. The bottom plate on a model 2250 crusher has a cap hole to allow you to put the cap of the bottle through the hole

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02.03.2015· plasticbottlecrusher/ A very strong can crusher and plastic bottle crusher made from heavy duty 304 stainless steel Crushes plastic drinking conta...

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09.06.2017· Presa manuala pentru sticlele din plastic (PET)https://facebook/PresaSticlePET/

Waste Receptacle with Crusher Plastic Bottle Crusher

A plastic bottle crusher built in grade 304 stainless steel is mounted on top to crush plastic drink bottles up to 2L in size and aluminum drink cans. Four to five garbage cans of un-crushed waste will fit into one garbage can after it is crushed by the model 2250. Footprint. 23 inches wide x 30 inches deep . 58 cm wide x 77 cm deep. Weight 175 lb, 80kg. Advertise. Place your logo